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FarmVille 2 Southern Living Kitchen Recipe Guides

If you want to know what is new on FarmVille 2, you are stepping in the right time as FarmVille 2 released their newest quest with The Southern Living Kitchen Recipe and with the help of our Southern Living item theme in game there will be three new recipes to craft. Note: Some items from this recipe is available for you to buy on the store) Now this is our guide to make it easier for you to craft from which items you need to look for on your farm.

Save your milk and Hearts of Palm for our first recipe because we will make our very own Heart of Palm Dip. This recipe can be earned by tending the Sabal Palmetto Tree, in which you need to have 12 Farm Bucks to purchase in the store. (Note: if you have a worry on getting Farm Bucks we will teach you can have it cheaper than purchasing in game) Suppose that you already have this tree, you can harvest now start harvesting once every eight hours. Another thing, if you don’t have in mind to purchase this kind of trees or if you are lack of Farm Bucks you can visit your friends and try to tend their trees for some chance of earning this item from there. From these item you can generate 20 XP and received 3,800 coins if you decided to sell it.


Now let’s make our 2nd recipe, Buttery Biscuits. This time we need a two butter and one batter. The batter is sort of flour, wheat, and eggs and the butter is product from crafting two milk. By doing the craft you will earn 18XP while selling it will make profit of 2,520 coins for you. This is easier than the first one enough to say, later on this time will be required ingredients for complicated dishes later on.

​The last but not the least in our list is, Hushpuppy. First you need to have 12 pcs of Corn and craft it together with 2 batter. This by crafting this recipe you will be rewarded with 20 XP while selling it to market will generate 2,810 coins.



The Southern Living Kitchen Recipe is available for the next three weeks. So craft and craft and earn more XP. If there will be more expansion on regarding on this theme, we will let you know that so follow us on Facebook or share this post for more FarmVille 2 Guides. Regarding with your problem in having Farm Bucks, you can download our cheats that is available to give you: No cost for expanding your farm. This cheat also work as letting your buy items without costing you any farm bucks this is very applicable to use if you wish to buy Sabal Palmetto Tree. So instead of buying it for 12 Farm Bucks, get it now for free. We included detailed guides on how to use this cheat so get it now here :: http://bit.ly/XfOks7


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