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Baseball Slam
Baseball Slam 3.33/5 (66.67%) 1 vote

Baseball Slam

In the world of video games, almost anything is possible you can be a space crusader from one minute and ninja assassin on the next moment later. But you want to play an old school baseball game in a pin ball concept and not sacrificing the thrill and excitement of you favorite baseball, and then Baseball Slam is just the game for you.

A really “out-of–the-box” concept, that’s how you could simply describe Baseball Slam. It’s a real baseball game with point tokens rips through the air, score boosters can be deliberately triggered to maximize digits while a considerable portion of the environs can be prompted to initiate special scenario. Mind you, helicopter crashes, car chases and other outrageous kind of property damage are just merely appetizers. The controls are simple and functional where players need only to tap and hold the bottom of the screen when there are set for another hit, after which they must swipe to the intended target minus the worry of fancy pitches and rock-steady swing to hit a score.

The game challenges are yet simple also; players need only to clear some score challenges in order to clear a level. Like for one instance, a player needs to score 20k points while at some point they only need to destroy some signage to clear a level. Not that challenging yet? Players may find it competitively challenging by joining the high score competition which serves as the games’ multiplayer mode. Now here it comes playing the game competitively will push players to download Baseball Slam cheats before anyone use it against them. And because this game was developed by Zynga (famous developer) programmers will definitely author their own trainer tool or put everything into a guide so everyone will have the advantage on the start.

The game is plain fun and surprisingly it’s never frustrating, since there are a dozens of interactive levels to look for and the controls are so responsive as any player could wish for. The multiplayer mode does not ruin the fun where most games do. On this mode players are simply paired or perhaps players could deliberately send challenges to other players over Facebook, and try to out-score each other in the game.

Initial download of the game may take awhile though but when it’s through; you could start slamming everything you see with a baseball and not getting scolded for it. Have fun and it is more interesting to play if you will not use any modifications or cheats for Baseball Slam.

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