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Blastron 3.74/5 (74.81%) 6 votes


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Blastron may have some few details to boast about as a game but it still lacks something in between so it is better to read our guides for that. To start with, a less detail on game story. The game also tried to kick some humor into the gameplay which at most are bland still manage to stick out from the rest of the labels in the App Store peer. “Yolobot” for example is one of the bosses in the game, funny especially when this mecha blast you into smithereens’ and do it all over again or perhaps you could not help but chuckle on the scene when a grenade lands in your poor robot’s mouth!

Point blank, Blastron is basically an updated worms or perhaps Blastron is aligned into the “Worms” genre (that the safest way to say it). The gameplay is basically a timed-based turns, characters move a little faster than slugs, terrain is destroyable while weapons is all that matters and jumpy projectile and a good sense of physics will make your break your day. For players who have loved Worms it won’t be far Blastron will definitely will be another must have game on your list since the most of the games’ structures are basically..errr Worms! And like the predecessor or the influenced of the game we can also use Blastron cheats to dominate the game using trainer tool.

The game is free but it is littered with microtransactions. The battle does not start with an armory of weapons and ammunition but rather start with an inventory. But earning all the points you could, in every round could keep you locked and loaded, but if not you need to puke out some good cash to keep you on the go. “Win’s” are determined by number of kills or score or the damage you did on the whole duration of every round. Weapons plays a major rule in racking up good points, the better the weapons the better the score, but having heavy weaponry will cause you some good points (or money) too, cause they have the most expensive ammunition price tag in the shop.

The game features both multiplayer and campaign mode, but the campaign mode is simply playing game with AI’s as opponents. Multiplayer mode will let you in the corner of competing other players and of course you will also put in glimpse to use cheats.

Blastron is an obvious emulation of Worms but perked up with some original points to make it different from the latter. Microtransactions is the major set-back of the game not to mention some difficulty in maneuvering your bots from an inch higher terrains. But still if given some a few more updates Blastron will definitely provide hors of blasting fun!

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