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Bubble Witch Saga
Bubble Witch Saga 5.00/5 (100.00%) 2 votes

Bubble Witch Saga

Just to complete the package of King’s Saga series let us give you an overview to one of their most popular games in different platform such as Facebook, iPhone, iPad, and Android. Although the game never reached the public appreciation like how Candy Crush Saga so far but we are still expecting that there’s a day to come that people will also play this game and put it on the top of the ranking just like how Farm Heroes Saga and Pet Rescue Saga did.

At first quarter of release, they already rated this game but not like how the 3 applications of Kings dominated the gaming scheme. So what is the explanation for this? It is the promotion? Actually no it is because other saga series is like a sequel of Candy Crush saga instead of developing Candy Crush Saga 2 or 3 or 4th they gave them a new name title. So you as an active player of Candy Crush Saga already finished the game, of course you will continue the next challenge on Farm Heroes Saga or Pet Rescue. Now in the long road we are also expecting that after they finish most games they will come to play Bubble Witch Saga.

Actually they started to love the game recently especially those who already finished playing the other Saga Series and this time they are looking for Bubble Witch Saga cheats to taste what is new on this new recipe. That is the reason why they easily kick off those hundreds-level game because they using trainer to give them unlimited power ups. We can’t blame them because the set up of most Facebook games is for casual gaming. Meaning to say you want only to play this game because you feel bored on a certain hour or you want to give a break from tiring work so why not play Facebook games especially puzzle based game to brainstorm your head. So you are already in puzzle while some stage are so difficult to finish this is to ensure that the game developer will make a profit from you and for you to buy their premium items. While there are some wise players not to get fall to that instead they will download cheats to those no survey site and apply it on their game.

What we found interesting in playing this game compare to other Saga series is their twist on spiders. Now as you pop bubble there will be spiders that will appears at the bottom of your screen over the top of some cauldrons. This cauldron have a worth of certain number of points and at the end of a level any left over bubbles will tumble into the cauldrons and turning back to the spiders.

In the end, if you already enjoy and finished other King’s game now it is your time to play Bubble Witch Saga we recommend not to use any cheats and find the difficult challenge this time and we are sure that you will never find too easy to finish this game at all.

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