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Disney City Girl More Images
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Disney City Girl

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Luckily, it’s easy to keep yourself busy and happy in Disney City Girl. Sleep or rest when you’re tired; work when you need a little self-worth; talk to your girlfriends when you’re lonely, and bathe when you start smelling a little ripe. True to most Facebook games that follow the life of budding socialites, Disney City Girl also offers a wide range of wardrobe options for work and play.

So as mentioned, this game is somehow a trimmed version of The Sims. With the same game like the ability to re/decorate characters home, look for a job (at the moment there are only two job options a chef or a fashion designer but more jobs are coming in the near future) and work to reach the top corporate position. Also characters are bound to have fun in this game too, they need to eat, socialize and do some shopping (yep just like The Sims). Needs are metered with each specific icons. Just beware of the red line of the meter though, for it will bring sad results.

The game is not as complicated and meticulous compare that of The Sims. Disney City Girl only needs some little time and effort to keep up some needs. Like sleep or rest when tire, work when need of a little self-worth, socialize with friends when bored or lonely or bathe when your smell tells you too. And just like any FB game, Disney City Girl

Although is not really original game plot, Disney City Girl rather makes a cute take of the older game label of the genre. Young players who love games with fashion and socialization elements will surely enjoy this label as this one boast polished graphics, very interesting characters and load or multitudes or wardrobe.

The game incorporates socialization in its core. So it is imperative that you should have a considerable number of friends in the game to help you progress in some aspect of the game.

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Disney City Girl Guides

Starting The Game. http://watts-designs.com/?q=how-to-buy-viagra-in-holland how to buy viagra in holland

After accessing the game for the first time, the player will be asked to customized their avatar. The avatar can be meticously customized by choosing what eyes, face shape, complexion, hair style etc. the would like to see their character in the game after deciding and customizing the avatar click “Done” to save the customization. buying viagra in nogales mexico When customization is done, the character is will be brought up to its first apartment. Also the first few mission/quest will be introduced and to be accomplished. Completing every mission will reward you exp points and some other stuff that will help you in the progress of the game. So make sure to complete every one of them when you can. azithromycin order doxycycline The first mission will mostly likely be a tutor in some way. Like asking you to buy some furniture, to do this simply click the “Décor” tab located at the lower right part of the screen, select what type of furniture you wish to purchase and place it in your new home.
The “Décor” tab is sub-divided into three categories “ Featured, Market and Storage”. Featured – are items being currently featured to be sold. Market – is the whole range of items being displayed and available at the moment. Storage – is your personal stock room for the things you have bought and saved for later use. Also the décor tab will also allow you to redecorate stuff inside you house or perhaps sold any item you wish to dispose. Simply take heed of the three icons that pops out every time you are in “décor” mode and have selected an item.

Now redecorating your wall paper or changing the carpet simply select the new design in the list that you have chosen. Now to apply the new décor for the walls and floors, click the farthest end of the wall or floor, move it over to adjust up until where you want the new material to be applied, cost estimate for the new wallpaper or carpet is also shown on screen.
Needs, these are the basic necessities of the character that you should pay attention too. Meeting all the “Needs” will not only make character happy and content in the game, it will also let earn productively since no other aspect of the characters’ well being is a mess. The “Needs” are categorized by Rest, Friendship, Fun, Hygiene and Health. Each “needs” will ask specific action to ensure you don’t drop the bar at the “red” side which is a big no no!

When all of the needs are met, the character will enter into a “Dazzling” mode. At this mode the character will earn twice as much rewards in normal mode or do some actions which only allowable in “Dazzling” mode.
Time to Go Shopping

This game will not live to its name without the shopping. Shopping will let the character buy some next chic and hip clothes or accessories. To do so, access the “Shop” button and click it. Then a lists of items will be displayed and its price which ranges from Coins, Gold or Glam. These are the currencies of the game which will be used to buy some stuff for the character. And to earn some few coins for the game a job is also needed.
To find a job, simply click the briefcase icon at the lower right corner of the screen. At the moment there are only two job options, Chef and Fashion designer. More job options are available as the game progresses. So shifting to another career is also possible in the game. After a job is selected the character could now do some working to earn coins and experience at the same time. Every job action will utilize some energy points. Working will also earn the character promotions, this will enable higher pay-out of coins and other rewards.

In the course of the game, the “Friendship” need will ask to be addressed. Just pay some friends a visit, locate you friends list at the bottom and visit them to satiate the necessity.

To gain extra bonus in the game, make sure to boost your style points. Style points are points accumulated in some certain clothing which bears them. These pints are presented in a blue numbers in variable value in every clothing. Style points takes effect every time you dress the character appropriate for an occasion. For example is you are off to work and have dressed quite appropriately this will earn extra points or coins after the job is done. Also by dressing as good as you should, you could register for the daily look competition to earn Glam – this a one kind of currency that will allow you to purchase some items which are not purchasable using Gold or Coins.

Also be sure to enrich skills which are very helpful when you decide to shift jobs later on. Skills are earned whenever you finished a task. Skill meters will be filled to every action which co-relates to the task being accomplished example cooking skills could be enriched by reheating food and sort. And lastly after completing Jenna’s mission the Coffee Shop will finally be available. This spot would play a vital rule in satiating some of your “needs”.

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