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Dragons and Titans
Dragons and Titans 4.83/5 (96.61%) 82 votes

Dragons and Titans

The Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) is ever expanding in the gaming market scene. From its humble roots with characters from the all time Blizzard game favorite Warcraft which initially started the genre in Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) the game concept had influenced other game developers to built/create/publish a label of their own with the said gaming concept.

Another take of the genre which have its initial launch in the social network site Facebook, is currently taking notice in the unconventional gaming platform. We say unconventional because most of the MOBA labels are mainstream (aka client based) which players need to register in a game server in order to play their picked MOBA game. But with Dragons and Titans will change this concept.

Published by Wyrmbyte and Zynga, Dragons and Titans offers a MOBA gaming experience over a browser based game with epic gaming proportions. As the genre suggest, Dragons and Titans runs a simple concept, there are two factions who will square it out (5 vs 5) on a dragon riding epic duel, each team must try and free their bound Titan held captive on the other side or at the enemy base which is fairly similar to protecting/destroying Ancients in DOTA only this time each team will try to guard/free their Titans. Each player of the team is mounted on majestic dragons with different types and special skills which of course, just like DOTA will grow stronger as the level gets higher within the span of the battle. But unlike any other label on the said genre, Dragons and Titans offer a new perspective of the familiar genre with its novel touch of the game. Mounts! The primary firepower of every player in the game, this is similar to the “Hero” of DOTA or any other game of the same category, although mounts are not really new to this type of game since most of heroes of the other titles , D.A.T only focused to this element as their main dueling characters. And if you want to add some spice in your game you can download Dragons and Titans cheats since this is a Facebook game expect that you can use tool to manipulate game modules.

In total view, the game is not really new; it’s somehow the same old mule only with new shoes and saddle. But perhaps because with the new things added to the old mule the game will be more like an alternate taste of the old dota-like MOBA concept. To read more about the game, please visit www.ourdaulygames.com for tricks and treats and sometimes freebies too.

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