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Fantastic Forest
Fantastic Forest 5.00/5 (100.00%) 1 vote

Fantastic Forest

Comically crazy and sometimes a bit frustrating too, this is the simplest word befitting to describe Fantastic Forest by Wooga. The game is simply a farming/town building simulation game which the players are the only human character in the game because most of the characters are all talking animals which sends players to do some chores or errands (almost close to Planet of the Apes?).

The game starts off with the players falling down from the sky out of nowhere. And lands safely into an enchanted forest inhabited by (yes!) talking animals, the player will eventually befriended a local name Rose who happens to be a skunk who will serve as your guide into the game. Rose the Skunk will teach the players a thing or two about the forest and how things are being done for their survival. As the story goes, Rose will be asking the player’s help to find their missing town mayor and to do so, the player will investigate and likewise do some errands to rebuild the town after the missing town head.

The game’s exploring and excavating will definitely need a lot of “pot of luck” since most of the time players tend to get inappropriate items especially during an errand or an ongoing quest. Which at some point will prompt players to use real money to acquire said items from the quest “buy-off” option. A very good example of which is the scavenging of “Plans in a Bottle” which players need to fish it out from the river which at most times will give goldfishes or bluegills almost every time. They can either ask/request from friends over the game but honestly same as the other players they too suffer the same fate of ever finding one this will only prompt players to finally spill some good cash to buy the said item off.

Also planting and harvesting in the game takes an enormous amount of time to accomplish especially if you are not using any of Fantastic Forest cheats or any premium items to hasten up your activities. Making it too hard to collect necessary resources in the game and everything else are so expensive like really expensive that it will take literally hours to collect coins in order to plant a batch of veggies. And what makes it sadder is that most of the errands/villagers pays a meager amount of coins which is really frustrating at some point, that you might as well use “cheats” or “tricks” in order to farm a fat resources pay-out. but the game is not really all downer, Fantastic Forest are one of those games that deplore the “energy concept” of a Facebook, which means players are enjoined to play hours and hours of farming tweaking in the game as much as they like, also the graphics are eye-friendly with a spunk!

In total view Fantastic Forest is somehow akin to FarmVille2 but without the energy meter hustle plus charming characters that supplements the nearly depressing elements of the game especially if you don’t have cheats to modify it or else you will push to purchase in game boost.

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