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Grand Theft Auto 5

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Rockstar North and Rockstar Games both publisher and developer of the game announced the supposed sequel late last October in 2001 and with the release of the trailer promo of the video game a month after, since then followers of the game are already anticipating major changes or should we say development of the game which previous sequels sold more than a million copies in the gaming market.

Grand Theft Auto Cover

As expected, Grand Theft Auto 5 will be presented in a much sleeker graphics and most mechanics upgraded for the ultimate GTA experience. On major breakthrough of the game is that it will have the biggest map in all GTA sequels with the usual mountains, city, and suburbs and of course who could forget the sea which at time was less detailed and un-explorable. But this time it will be more detailed and vivid. GTA 5 will have not 1 playable character but 3 main protagonists which primarily where the game storyline revolves. So players will be more than happy to play Michael, Trevor or Franklin whose stories interconnect with each other. Each character also possesses specialized skills which compliment the group when they go out for a mission as the game also incorporates group mission within the game where the three character must work together in order to accomplish the task.

And of course what will become of a GTA without the vehicles? Well as of counting there are already a wide range of vehicles in where players could have the liberty to own or take as their own. Raging from motorbikes, speed boats, ATV, sports cars , Jets , Helicopters and some secret vehicles which perhaps will be unlocked in some parts of the game or by using some cheats codes provided by support sites like www.ourdailygames.com on your console: PS 3 and Xbox 360.

GTA 5 will also features the “Crew” system which is reminiscent to Max Payne 3. Which players could create groups of their own and compete with other players across different titles. The idea will primarily be experienced first in GTA 5 and Max Payne 3.

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