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monster legends cheats and guides
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Monster Legends

If you have played Dragon City, then you would not be a stranger to this game which has so many resemblance of the aforementioned game. Mosnter Legends is a simulation game where players are tasked to manage a turf, buy eggs, hatch and breed monsters and ultimately fight in the level based adventures. Obviously, the two games are from the same game house.

Like DC, Monster Legends incorporated plenty elements of the latter to its gameplay for average gamers, the only thing that is unique to this label is it’s rooster of charming monster in which players are task to breed, instead of dragons in DC, Monster Legends are flooded with mutant-like hybrid of monsters.

But the game features some new mechanics to make it a little different from the games under the same genre amidst various platforms. Constructed building units can be upgraded. This will allow players can enlarge habitat capacity and keep more monsters and the territory stock more gold. Farms can be upgraded as well to unlock several types of crops. Though upgrading stuff may cost several resources (the higher the level the more expensive it will be) still this could be beneficial eventually by lessen space occupation of structures thus allowing more structures in the future. The game is better to explore if you will use Monster Legends cheats to try different breeding and offspring just like other Facebook game with the same concept.

monster legends cheats and guidesIn DC building and clearing may not be an issue but in this game it’s going to be an issue. Like the games; Clash of Clans, Monster Legends will only allow two workers to cover all the building tasks, though additional workers can be permitted but you have to shell out some premium in-game currency to do so.

The game also incorporates some decent gaming content to keep players away from being bored in the game while waiting dome stuff to finish (like building or upgrading). The level-based adventure map will let players to explore and challenge AI- controlled foes. The battle interface works exactly like that of DC so nothing to be worried about. This is your great push for more easy gold, XP and food just follow our Monster Legends guides to maximize the advantage of this part and you will never be defeated with AI battles in adventure.

The only difference is the way how the monsters engaged into combat. Unlike DC which seemingly battles in a tag-like interface, Monster Legends battle at the same time though they take turns in making their moves. Also in the game, the monster uses stamina to unleash their skills. Likewise engaging in your monsters in PVE battles consumes energy which also recovers over a period of time.

Finally the game is Dragon City on a different cover, though it may incorporates some novel elements on its own still you could not deny the fact that it is just a copy of another game. Overall this game really worthy of our hours as we can call this Dragon City 2. If you will play this game seriously you better follow us or bookmark this website so you will get further guides and updates as well as free items for Monster Legends. We have also in our line to develop trainers that will help you get unlimited gems to purchase epic and rare kind of monster.

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