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Mutants: Genetic Gladiators
Mutants: Genetic Gladiators 4.81/5 (96.28%) 116 votes

Mutants: Genetic Gladiators

What is crazy cool? If we are talking about a game especially the battle type one. One crazy idea of a game is to create your own warriors minus the limitations of having restrictions of what kind of warrior you ought to create. Be it a massive mechanize hulk, a rabid decaying undead menace, a radioactive rampaging mutant furball or perhaps a combination of each would still be a go. And what is crazier cool about it? It’s the idea that you could have your masterpiece warrior battle in an arena for the best warrior in the game. That’s Mutants: Genetic Gladiator, an upcoming game from Kobojo.

As supposed to, in the game players are given several types of monster/warriors (robots or zombies) which they could combine create a mutant/created warrior of their liking. The created warrior’s skills are also highly dependent of what combo types your warrior is made of. If you happen to fuse Zombie and a Robot just picture out a laser- zapping- brain hungry-zombie hulk doing a rampaging combo up against your opponent created warrior. And because this game will measure how competitive your are, no doubt that there are some folks who will decided to download Mutants: Genetic Gladiators cheats on Facebook or read some guides how to dominate the game. Of course we will provide that later on once the game has been released. But for now just bookmark our site or regularly visit www.ourdailygames.com to get daily updates about this game. If you are first time with us and still doubt existing against our cheats, just check out our content for that you will see proof videos as well as free download trial just for you.

These created fighting beasts, could be pitted up against other created warriors in a spectacular arena battles with venues across the globe. With a simple to goal, to win every battle at hand and collect powerful body parts which could be combined again or upgraded to your created mutant menace. It’s more like a weird take on Pokemon which much more action and creativity on the side. I wonder what Piccachu will be like if it is fused with Golem or a Machamp.

Although not much is being leaked about the game at the moment aside from minimal promotional screenshots, you can either check its official page or better yet hang out with us, as we deliver you fresh news about the game or perhaps some tricks or two to help you maximize gaming experience when the game hits closed beta or open beta any time soon.

Since no released dates are given yet, we might as well be more than happy if you could post some comments of what you think about the idea of playing this game.

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