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Papa Pear Saga 4.30/5 (86.00%) 10 votes

Papa Pear Saga

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Papa Pear is from the King.com backyard, the same people who brought us the very addictive match-3 game Candy Crush Saga in Facebook. Obviously the game is really not a novel concept from the proud developer. Although it may be presented way differently from the original label still it is a dressed copycat. But the heck, even the famous and addictive Candy Crush Saga is a close makeover also of Bejeweled but only with a few interesting flavors added. Just like Papa Pear who made an interesting game out of the Peggle idea which made it a name on its own.

And just like the game where it took its inspiration, Papa Pear Saga is primarily inspired by Panchinko. Papa Pear is the game’s ball. And just like the old Peggle game you will be shooting Papa Pear to bounce from one peg to another which are actually fruits and nuts on this version. But unlike Peggle where the main objective is to clear every orange peg, Papa Pear has some other objectives to get your hands busy with and somehow you will think that it is more to play Papa Pear Saga with cheats or you will love to hear other gamer’s guide to earn much points as possible..

At times players will be asked to land at least one Papa Pear (ball) in each of the five areas aligned in the bottom of the game board. But as the game prospers more objectives will be injected like knocking off giant objects or clear some special kind of pegs to clear the table. Simple may it seems, the level of difficulty also elevates as the level progresses. So it is inevitable that you will need extra Papa Pear’s (ball) in the course of the challenge. Tricks can be learned to give you hand though, try visiting www.ourdailygames.com.

But unlike Candy Crush Saga when your lives get depleted on failed attempts, Papa Pear drains it energy every time you commence to clear a table the idea is very prevalent in most of the Facebook games. Although any player can gear up for his game with some boosts and power-ups which made available if bought over the item mall which players can buy using real money. One down side of the game though is that is has no extra boosters in the actual game which you can collect to reach higher scores or help you clear a peg. You can either buy some help or do it the classic way of playing it like Peggle, strategy and luck.

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