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soldier inc cheats
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Soldiers Inc.

From the previous cartoony visuals, it’s really awesome to see new Facebook games to pack some awesome visuals that at first you might it’s a mainstream client based game. One good example is Soldiers Inc, which offers a new wartime gaming experience that looks could definitely pass for a console label and what is amazing about it is that it is on Facebook. Speaking of social games, for sure there will be Soldiers Inc. cheats that you can download. Just make sure that you will be victim of those site who will ask you a survey before downloading the trainer tool. Actually all of them are scam, most working cheats and guides are available to download instantly no survey. I would rather buy premium trainer than going on this survey and in the end it is all nonsense.

At the moment the game is being billed as a true blue franchise, Soldiers Inc. is a multiplayer RTS (real time strategy) game that is set in a war torn future of 2019, where players along with their fellow mercenary recruits are sent to crumbling state of Zandia with the task to claim as many territories and resources what whatever the cost. And this comes along with other factors that will make the mission exceedingly tiring and entertainingly fun. Innuendos such as, foreign powers, multinational companies, and underground syndicated criminal organization will also be joining the fray.

And to give more depth into the games’ storyline, Plarium has also employed the aid of Jesper Kyd to score the soundtrack of Soldiers Inc, and taken reference to his previous award-winning masterpieces in titles such as Assassins’ Creed, Borderlands, and Hitman franchises. And to taste those audio candy (along with it’s amazing gameplay) don’t forget to watch the games’ teasing trailer.

With all these elements it’s really surprising that the game is intended for Facebook release. Plarium aims to tackle up front with other powerhouses in Facebook gaming houses. Plarium CEO Avi Shalel, stresses how their label will deliver “core gameplay, deep storyline, no ordinary graphics for the platform, likewise soundtrack which is very first in the Facebook platform that any player has ever experienced of seen.”

The game is set to be released on a free-to-play format and possibly released date will happen any time next week. Future players are encouraged to visit their homepage for more details and some delights on the side as well

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