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Plants vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time Download

After PopCap released the most awaited version of Plants vs Zombies on Facebook they also added that the year 2013 will be double treat for their avid fans. And this is by means of releasing the sequel of Plants vs Zombies, It’s About Time. They already announced it officially to cut all the rumor from this game. Though it is not clear if this game is still available for PC, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android and other iOS products but taking the fine judgment of saying that this is a sequel, for sure you can still download it for the said platforms. And that answer followed by the question, how much?

But not all players want to spend cash for the game they play, that is the reason why Facebook games are very popular because of being free to play. So I believe that there are lots of players searching for a website where they can download Plants vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time full version for free. Personally I didn’t know that PvZ is not a freeware as many people prefer to play free as well as if you can remember the greatest year of this game is also a boom for Facebook games known having great games for free.

But again that is only an opinion from me, and the fact is, this time you need to spend money as PopCap games is now owned by Electronic Arts, so it will be hard for you to find crack of full version, beta keygen or whatsover beyond their control that made this game free to public download. Anyway the good part in this game is, you will never find it expensive to buy plus you can buy discounted products from closed beta version or early reservation on Amazon.

Still July is a long wait for us, as a matter of fact, Popcap has been quite in past few days after the released of PvZ Adventures closed beta about the sequel aside from the official release of Adventures on May 20, 2013. Luckily we are one who got the opportunity to play the first wave and let us to author cheats as well as helpful guides to those who wish to play it on the said date. That is the only we can share for now, but regarding with Plants vs Zombies 2, you can subscribe to us so you will be the first to know where you can download the closed beta version and likewise to be the first players to play.

Download Plants Vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time >> HERE



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