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Plants vs Zombies Adventures Cheats: Easy Coins, Zombucks and XP

In this cheat you don’t need to download cheat engine or other tools to make it work so this is safe and we are personally using it in our account. First you need to know how to have unlimited Beeshooter, this is your primary key to have unlimited Coins, XP and Zombucks. Actually the entire concept is not only for Beeshooter but since the game is still on closed beta let’s box it on what is available to use as of now. Otherwise once you missed the unlimited Beeshooter, you also missed this Plants vs Zombies Adventures cheats for Coins, Zombucks and XP but don’t worry because we are still on game process and we assure you that every updates we made here you will learn something new. We are dedicated gamers and cheaters as well and we are professional in this field and working for 4 successful years. So expect that you can download stable cheats and applicable in all situation than this but in case that you have still the chanceto use unlimited Beeshooter (or if you really want to try just restart your game, create new Facebook account ^_^) well let’s get it on.

The logic is simple but you need patience for this one. Because we are not using cheat engine here, we need to do this manually but this time is more safer than using tools and we can consider this as legal as you don’t need to manipulate game credits we just only taking the advantage from their fault.

So on Dire Spires (2nd Map, Stage 3) with your unlimited Beeshooter just grind there or repeatedly finish that stage over and over again. By doing this you can earn  110 coins, 260 Zombucks and 25XP every round. This decent enough for less than 5 minutes round. Just make sure that you know how fasten up your gameplay together with your browser.

Below I will illustrate how can you finish the stage easily. Also you need not to place other plants aside from Beeshooter, because you need to minimize the usage of coins as what we said in our coin guides and knowing that Beeshooter will not cost you any coins so this will give you enough profit of coins every round. Yes this is long term process or repeatition,  so in our case we just opened a new tab and let the game roll anyway you don’t need to look on your defense as this premium plants can easily exterminate all zombies in few minutes.

If you feel that you are getting bored with that stage, you can also change it on your previous accomplished stage and there you can still use infinite Beeshooter. Note: one thing you should not do is to make a progress on next stage.

Disclaimer: This cheat is 100% safe as we are not using any tools to manipulate the game credits. Also this was written on May 9, 2013 and still working but then on the next days we are not saying that this cheat will not get patched but if that happened we will let you know and also we will give you alternative for this cheat. We believe that this is not easy to do but if you feel that this game is worthy for your patience well just do it as long as everything works fine.

Your comment and question is welcome in our box below just drop it down here and we like to work it with you.

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